Monday, October 21, 2019

Director's Corner

The Convention Card

The purpose of the convention card is to fully disclose to the opponents your partnership agreements which include bidding systems and carding--how you lead and signal. Both partners must have identical cards filled out prior to the game. An opponent may ask to look at your card prior to play. Or he may ask to see it when it is his turn to bid.

A good reason to fill out a convention card with your partner is that it helps you to understand and come to an agreement on your bidding and signaling methods. Doing this can help you avoid costly errors in not knowing for example what a jump overcall means--is it weak or is it strong. Once you have filled out a convention card, put that partner's name on it and save it. You will then be able to refresh your memory the next time you play with him.

Can you look at your convention card during the bidding and play? No, unless the club relaxes this rule for very new players. All others may not use their card as a memory crutch and refrain from peeking at their card during the bidding or play.

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